Growing threats, means growing concerns

The cyber threat landscape against the public sector is only growing more complex as a diverse array of attackers seek to steal sensitive data, extort money, or create chaos and heighten distrust in American institutions In recent years, state and local governments have suffered a continuous spate of highly publicized cyberattacks against targets as varied as local police departments and court offices to school districts. It comes as no surprise, then, that many are suffering the consequences. The average cost of a data breach for a US public sector organization is a staggering $2.3 million. But costs come in more than just dollars and cents. With sensitive data and operations at stake, organizations also risk losses in productivity and public trust. The US public sector should rest easy, though – there is a better way.

IT teams face significant challenges

UbiStor understands the unique challenges IT departments in the public sector face:

  • Limited IT budgets and staff
  • Changing security and threat landscape
  • Evolving compliance requirements
  • Lack of incident response experience

UbiStor is transforming the way the US public sector stays protected. Acronis’s certified cloud backup and security platform empowers public sector customers with a wide range of features, including backup, ransomware protection, and recovery – all managed from a centralized console. Adding UbiStor’s decades of disaster recovery experience, you can have the confidence that expert engineers protect your data and systems in a cloud environment specifically designed for your compliance requirements.

Complete data management

In today’s business landscape, public sector organizations and government contractors must respond quickly to cyberattacks, natural disasters, employee errors, and hardware failure. Outsourcing the management of your backup and recovery strategy to a Managed Service Provider like UbiStor can save your organization countless hours and protect you from financial loss – allowing you to focus on your critical technology objectives. Since 2001, UbiStor has been developing bulletproof backup and disaster recovery strategies using a consultative approach and proven methodology to protect your data and critical systems.  Advantages of our services include:

  • 24/7 US based support and incident response
  • Protective ransomware protection and advanced security features
  • Secure and compliant data centers and offsite storage

Protect Against Ransomware

Ransomware has cost millions of dollars in lost productivity and remediation costs. Avoid downtime with countermeasures to detect and recover from these cyberthreats.

Secure Your Sensitive Government Data

Provide data volume and full-system backup and restore capabilities for your critical systems and data repositories.

24/7 US Based Support and Incident Response

Have the confidence that your solution is implemented correctly and you have a team of US based engineers to assist with any recovery scenario.


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