The Elements of IT Resilience

Built on a foundation of continuous data protection, Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform™ converges disaster recovery, backup, and workload mobility. Built-in orchestration and automation provide you one simple, agile solution to save time, resources and costs. Analytics with intelligent dashboards give you complete visibility across multi-site and cloud environments.

Continuous Data Protection

Continuously capture and track data modifications so you can restore back to any point in time

Always-on Replication

Say goodbye to periodic backups and snapshots. Deliver the tightest RTOs and RPOs with near-synchronous replication

Application Consistency

Protect your key business services and applications including all their dependencies as a cohesive, logical entity


Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is the future of backup. By using journal-based technology to log all changes occurring within a specified time frame, CDP gives you any point-in-time recovery—down to the second—for the entire length of the journal.

Shortcomings of Backup Technology

When we look at the backup technology currently protecting our data—one of a company’s most valuable assets—not much has changed over the last 35 years. The basic process still remains the same: during off-peak hours, take a copy of the data that has changed in our production environments and store it in another, secondary location.

Business Performance Impact

The reason most take backups during off-peak hours is because copying all that data takes time and has a performance impact on production environments. Whether the solution is using agents in the operating system or snapshots on the virtual machines, the data is read directly from the production systems and is sent across the network—at best, the VMs are sluggish; at worst, they’re temporarily unusable. Every IT support engineer knows exactly what to check for when users complain about “slow” systems on Monday morning.

To ensure granularity without impacting production performance, the future of backup is the move from periodic backup to continuous backup.


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