Growing threats means growing concerns

With patient data so plentiful, the threat of malicious activity has never been greater. Struggle to safeguard this data and you’ll be facing significant financial penalties – and lasting brand damage. And as volumes continue to grow, keeping everything under control can feel impossible. This can leave you ill-equipped to recover critical information in a timely manner. Likewise, you’ll find it hard to support newer strategies – like advanced analytics and a transition to the cloud – needed to revolutionize patient care.

Healthcare IT Teams face significant challenges

The healthcare industry is in the middle of a digital transformation: a necessary pivot from the antiquated methods of creating, storing, and sharing information to new data-intensive diagnostic and treatment applications. For healthcare IT professionals, the pressure to accelerate this transition is coming from all sides:

  • Sensitive healthcare data volume is growing rapidly, as is the variety of devices and locations where this data is being stored and accessed.
  • Cybercriminals are aggressively targeting the healthcare industry, exploiting the fact that the more sensitive the data is, the more likely that victims will pay for its release.
  • Healthcare organization are subject to an increasingly complex mix of data privacy regulations at the state, federal, and international level.

All of these challenges are in addition to the IT concerns that all modern industries face: growing infrastructure complexity, difficulty recruiting and retaining skilled staff, the ongoing migration of applications to private and public clouds, and the need for non-stop data availability and near-real-time data analytics.


Complete healthcare data management

With UbiStor, you’ll have a data management platform designed to help your organization succeed in this era of data-driven care. With capabilities such as snapshot backup management, separate production and backup data, and seamless management of clinical data and EHR platforms, you’ll have the measures you need to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats. You’ll facilitate your organization’s transition to the cloud by making data transfers to, and among, cloud providers effortless. And with a single, integrated platform, you’ll break down silos and make disparate sets of clinical data easily accessible and actionable, so you can support the advanced analytics needed to deliver more effective, personalized patient care.

Protect Against Ransomware

Ransomware has threatened patient lives and cost millions of dollars in lost productivity and remediation costs. Avoid downtime with countermeasures to detect and recover from these cyberthreats.

Secure Your EHR Data

Provide data volume and full-system backup and restore capabilities for your entire EHR environment.

Meet HIPAA Compliance Requirements

Your organization needs to conform to rules for managing and securing patient data – including encryption for privacy and a method for proving data integrity, which are built-in to our solution.

Archive Clinical Images

With our Clinical Image Archiving, you can archive, search, and restore your medical imaging data directly from your medical imaging software. All of the archived data is centrally located and accessible.


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