Increased efficiency, organizational utility and data storage are only a few reasons why migrating to cloud-based solution with a managed service provider makes sense. The financial sector now agrees with the fact that the cloud phenomenon has helped them ease their operations and function more efficiently. While security and compliance concerns remain significant barriers for the financial sector, recent studies have shown that cloud computing is crucial in the industry, with a mixed, hybrid cloud solution being the service of choice.

Security remains the largest concern for financial companies

After Hurricane Katrina in 2015, the Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC) issued new requirements that were influenced by the hurricane’s effect on banks. Transaction records must be preserved for a sufficient period of time so audits can be performed, while data storage, access, and retrieval be strictly controlled and that transaction records be maintained. These requirements coupled with the fact that applications and records need to be quickly accessible creates the need for a disaster recovery plan that ensures business continuity as well as the security of all sensitive data.

Being able to recover quickly after a disaster is critical for financial industries because these companies rely so heavily on digital records and applications in the day-to-day transactions they perform on the behalf of their clients. Energy companies notice several issues as they try to solve this problem:

  • Customizing individual applications to “lock out” the ability to bypass controls costs hundreds of hours per application
  • Split-farm deployment of servers is cost-prohibitive for many companies

Complete Financial Data Management

At UbiStor, we provide geographically disparate locations for backups and award-winning replication and recovery technology. We have been providing business continuity services for banking and financial institutions for decades, giving us full understanding into industry-specific needs and compliance regulations.

With UbiStor’s Managed Services, you gain insights and peace of mind that your data has oversight 24/7/365, coupled with ability to recover data fast using rapid, granular restore to recover individual VMs and recover individual application objects.


Keep customer PII and sensitive business information secure with data encryption.


Leverage fine-grain, role-based access control, audit logs, and built-in reporting to protect and secure operations.


Gain consistent and comprehensive data protection for your virtual, physical and cloud environments.


Reduce data overall and control stored information with a defense-in-depth security approach.

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