The manufacturing industry depends on reliable, continuous production processes – every minute of downtime is extremely costly. Even so, downtime is not at all an unusual event for the sector. From lost production to reputation damage, downtime can cripple a factory’s efficiency. Deploying a data protection solution that can restore any platform quickly with an expert Managed Service Provider can save tens of thousands of dollars, including administrative overhead

Manufacturing Companies face unique IT challenges

The processes running on the factory floor are critical for manufacturing businesses – any downtime immediately results in lost productivity and revenue. This means that protecting critical manufacturing applications like process control servers and keeping them highly available have always been a priority.

However, this need for high availability also presents several IT challenges that are unique to the manufacturing industry. For example, applications are usually highly specialized for different discrete processes, but they often run on out-of-date operating systems like Windows XP. Software is mostly very stable and rarely updated. For manufacturing companies, there are many issues that must be considered when evaluating Backup and Disaster Recovery:

  • Legacy data protection solutions are slow, complex and inadequate
  • Ransomware and cryptojacking malware also attack uptime and performance
  • Factories often lack IT support staff
  • The IT environments typically include aging operating systems and applications

All of these issues layered on top of the need to be timely and fast in production to maximize profit makes the need for a high-performance data protection solution and a team to deploy it imperative.

Complete Manufacturing Data Management

With a managed backup and disaster recovery solution from UbiStor, your data platform will be monitored 24/7/365, giving you the piece of mind that factory operations are as seamless as possible. With the ability to support even the most complex environments living on multiple platforms (physical, virtual, cloud) with a user-friendly, intuitive management interface, you will have the peace of mind that your necessary data is always within reach.


Gain noticeable productivity by offloading backup and disaster recovery operations and save time from training additional staff


Restore in minutes versus hours, with the ability to perform bare-metal and automated restores.


Deploy a solution that has enough speed to complete backups within allotted windows, can run concurrently with production applications and with minimal performance impact


With features like anti-malware technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, ransomware attacks are diminished

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