People Powered Disaster Recovery

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Data Protection and Security Services For Today's Threats

For business-critical IT infrastructures that require twenty-four by seven security and rapid recovery, our suite of services and leading technologies are designed to protect your data and systems and ensure you can quickly recover from any incident

Backed by People

When you work with UbiStor, us becomes we. Forget online forums and delayed communication – you can expect 24/7/365 support to give you piece-of-mind that key applications will be available when you need them.

Flexible Solutions

Your business isn’t like any other – so why would your backup and disaster recovery program be? Our solutions are tailored to fit the challenges, restrictions and outcomes you are seeking.

Resilience Driven

How much data are you willing to lose? UbiStor caters to businesses who simply cannot tolerate a loss of data. We’ve made it our mission to ensure your systems and critical data are available anytime, anywhere.

Certified Experts

It is critical for us to stay ahead of the ever-changing IT landscape & product and procedure updates. By maintaining the integrity of your IT systems, UbiStor ensures preparation for whatever happens next.

Key Supported Technologies

Technology proven and backed by our team of experts to keep you protected and get you up and running faster

We’re there every step of the way

No data protection strategy should be standard. Our team of experts not only know the ins-and-outs of data security and disaster recovery, but how they should be applied to your unique IT infrastructure. UbiStor ensures that every customer’s demands are met with a timely, personal response that drives improved readiness, prompt recovery and reinforced resilience.