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UbiStor® Support provides a combination of U.S. based, flexible, technical support and e-support options to ensure 100% satisfaction with your UbiStor services, regardless of whether you are an enterprise or smaller company.

Our unique approach allows you to:

  • Access a team of Technical Support Representatives to report issues or get answers to questions
  • Visit our FAQ self-help website to research any time, day or night
  • Be notified of critical software updates, product enhancements and new releases
  • Track support ticket progress

UbiStor has several support options that allow you to select support levels that align with your business requirements. We also provide specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) for every solution. This helps you maximize your productivity and lets you focus on your core business:

Standard Support
Standard Support delivers general phone and onsite support (local business hours) from the UbiStor Technical Help Desk. Normal business hours, 4 hour response / 3 day engagement - designed for non-critical support.

Premium Support
Premium Support provides 24x7x365 coverage, plus holidays, support to resolve issues immediately. 1 hour response and engagement - designed for critical support.

Solution Support
UbiStor Solution Support adds solution certified Technical Support Engineers to ensure quick and efficient issue resolution. All solutions come with multiple support options in order to align our response to your business requirements. 

Sales Support
A key ingredient for ensuring effective services is to develop a clear understanding of your needs and agreed upon solutions prior to implementation. Each client is assigned a dedicated UbiStor representative to ensure proper discovery and solution design are achieved. A vendor independent and best of breed approach ensures your business is provided the best options based on your specific parameters. Regular quarterly update meetings ensure your long term goals are met successfully.