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SafeStor Data Protection at a Glance
Compelling Reasons for Consideration

  • Affordable data-protection entry, with scale up/scale out flexibility that’s easy on CapEx and OpEx — compelling TCO.
  • Engineered to meet you where you are; perfect for single-server or complex-infrastructure heterogeneous computing environments.
  • Powerful disk-to-disk technology maintains a highly secure, recovery-ready backup environment. Fully adaptable for use with recovery applications to establish muscular DR.
  • Web-based graphical console facilitates all management from anywhere.
  • No tape backups, no tape to manage, no loss of productive IT time.
  • Superior security via encryption in data transit and storage.
  • DeltaPro change-based technology backs up only new or altered data to increase backup speed and decrease storage load.
  • Single Pass engine holistically maintains secure backup environment, assuring efficient, easily managed recovery.
  • De-duplication eliminates duplicate data within backup jobs and reduces storage footprint.
  • Helps reduce storage load and operating costs through functionality that automatically deletes unwanted data segments.
  • Real Time Protection option provides 24/7/365 onsite High Availability of data and applications.
  • Bare Metal Restore option consolidates all data and applications and leverages LAN to provide more-efficient backup and recovery.


Advanced Protection of Mission-Critical Data

  • Powerful Technology That Maintains Recovery-Ready Backup Environment
  • Highly Flexible and Scalable to Align with Evolving Requirements
  • Assures High Data Integrity and Security across Heterogeneous Enterprise
  • 100% Reliable, Proven and Easy-to-Deploy
  • Disk-to-Disk Transmission Eliminates Inefficient Tape Regimens

Whether your computing environment is single-server modest or infrastructure complex, UbiStor’s SafeStor is engineered to provide a solid foundation for disaster recovery and business continuity by leveraging unparalleled disk-to-disk data-backup technology. Fully adaptable to heterogeneous environments, SafeStor is the core data-protection solution you need to meet regulatory requirements, adhere to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and conform with compliance mandates and company governance.

SafeStor is fully flexible to be part of cloud/virtualization provisioning as your operational needs scale up and out. This modular solution can easily be deployed in conjunction with UbiStor’s SafeHost DR® to assure, when needed, 24/7/365 availability of data and applications. Downtime need not be an issue. Meeting your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Functionality with Forethought
SafeStor simplifies your data-protection needs across local, remote and distributed networks. Solution setup and administration are facilitated with application wizards. And utilizing a secure, customizable graphical interface accessible with any web browser, remote or local, you can direct multiple applications, manage backup activity, confirm results and delegate tasks.

With SafeStor, you can manage from 10 to multiple terabytes of data, which is automatically backed up in background via WAN to geographically separated, secure, offsite storage. SafeStor’s configurable backup flexibility helps you match a level of data protection with a level of risk tolerance because you can easily control all block-level backup activity — such as frequency/scheduling, file volume or sets of data relative to certain end-user tasks — in accordance with your specific operational needs. Backup speed and storage economy are assured by change-based DeltaProTM technology: Only altered or new data is sent to your dynamically built backup environment. Hence, this environment is holistically maintained through SafeStor’s Single Pass engine, meaning recovery and rebuilds are not dependent on multiple incremental backups. Moreover, during the backup process, all data is compressed and de-duplicated, further reducing your storage footprint. And if you’re concerned about bandwidth and CPU usage while backups are performed during operational hours, don’t worry — SafeStor incorporates throttling functionality that allocates processing relative to varying needs.

Lock-Tight Security
Never before has data security been so paramount in business, ratcheted up by compliance issues, competitive vulnerability and the profusion of information sharing through wireless devices that are, in fact, part of your enterprise. SafeStor answers the security challenge with up to six levels of encryption, including government standard 256 AES. Encryption functionality occurs before and during over-the-wire transmission. Data remains encrypted in storage. And should a restore become necessary, decryption occurs only when the encryption key holder enters the correct passcode. SafeStor also helps prevent data tampering and misuse through its support for WORM (write once read many) storage.

So Long Tape, Better ROI
Best of all, SafeStor’s robust disk-to-disk technology puts an end to manual tape backup/physical vaulting, an outdated, error-inherent process that is time-consuming and risk-laden relative to backup regimen and, most importantly, full recovery. SafeStor frees up your IT personnel to work on projects that can unleash the revenue-enhancing power of technology, thus boosting productivity and better leveraging capitalized assets.

Buildup of obsolete or unwanted data can stress storage capacity and unnecessarily increase operating costs. SafeStor, however, can be easily managed according to your data-retention schedules whereby designated segments of storage can be automatically deleted from your system.

A single solution that economically unifies data protection across a disparate enterprise, SafeStor can be used on virtually any combination of applications and platforms, including Windows, Novell Netware, Linux, SunSolaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, IBM System i, VMware, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Cluster Services and Oracle.

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