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SafeHost[sup]®[/sup] - Computing Environment Hosting

SafeHost® - Computing Environment Hosting

SafeHost Computing Environment Hosting at a Glance
Compelling Reasons for Consideration

  • Lowers IT TCO through multi-tenant sharing of resources in rigidly secure off-site environment.
  • Hosting site is Tier-3+ data center having SSAE 16 (SOC-2) certification and supported by geographic redundancy.
  • Easy solution entry: structured to take advantage of predictable OpEx strategy, with “pay-as-you-use-resources” and “pay-as-you-grow” elements.
  • Enables IT staff to focus on critical business needs that generate revenue.
  • Configurable for selective remote access from anywhere; you choose who has access.
  • Browser-based interface facilitates full-environment control.
  • Features advanced cloud/virtualized technology that optimizes business processes and empowers long-term growth.
  • Promotes agile/flexible business management and enables rapid scalability that dovetails with reactive/proactive tactics.
  • Reduces complexity in meeting compliance/requirements points.
  • Enhances data-backup/recovery and systems-redundancy initiatives; strengthens DR and business-continuity planning for hardened RPO and RTO.
  • Fully compatible with SafeStor, SafeStor Endpoint, SafeStor Enterprise and SafeHost DR solutions.
  • Adaptable to complete-environment or piecemeal-environment migration from client premises to solution data center.
  • Expert migration and management planning aligns deployment, provisioning and oversight with specific business goals.
  • Project-management professionals practice “Inflection Point Guidance” and stay engaged throughout the solution lifecycle.


SafeHost Computing Environment Hosting at a Glance

Transformative Technology That Enables Affordable Business Agility

  • Tech Environment TCO Moderated Through Highly Secure Shared Resources
  • Greatly Enhances Business Flexibility and Promotes Rapid Scalability
  • Taps into Enterprise-Level Benefits of Advanced Cloud/Virtualized Technology
  • Strengthens Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Initiatives
  • Reduces Complexity in Meeting Compliance/Requirements Points

Decades ago, in the early years of IT, mainframe business computing was isolated, unidimensional, risk-exposed, relatively expensive and highly centralized. These monolithic systems surrendered to the client/server relationship inherent in distributed computing, which mined the wealth of the explosive Internet and culminated in the profusion of clustered nodes of physical machines requiring complex, application layering to unify enterprise operations and mitigate availability exposure. Now, as worldwide commerce becomes increasingly defined by the mobilized generation, consumption and sharing of data through cyber-connected smart phones, notepads and laptops, the management of computing environments is once again, paradoxically, becoming highly centralized — but in a unique way, decoupled from much of the physical dependencies of the past.

Welcome to UbiStor’s SafeHost solution, a highly cost-effective, shared-resources, remote data-center hosting service leveraging industry-leading expertise in virtualized/cloud technology. Now you can creatively manage your computing environment, opening new windows of opportunity without prolonged staging. Now you can affordably achieve heightened levels of availability, flexibility and security while meeting compliance issues head-on. SafeHost can completely alter your business scope, regardless of enterprise size. SafeHost can help you chart a new course for business success.

The Compelling Issue of Cost Control

Consolidation saves money. And the startling efficiencies realized by tapping into virtualized/cloud technology foster attractive TCO. You can migrate your complete computing environment —hardware, software, networks —to a multi-tenant UbiStor SafeHost environment, where clients benefit from the appreciable economies of scale offered through sharing resources in a rigidly secure setting. Get rid of depreciation headaches. Offload licensing details. Don’t worry about maintenance and monitoring activities. Get your IT staff focused on critical business needs that generate revenue.

Although SafeHost is structured to take advantage of a predictable OpEx strategy, with “pay-as-you-use-resources” and “pay-as-you-grow” elements, UbiStor knows that different companies implement different financial models. If CapEx is right for you or if, perhaps, you prefer limited up-front cost, UbiStor will find the right financial fit, without requiring the inclusion of other parties.

(For companies interested in a strictly private solution —hosted fully or partially at a UbiStor data center —which does not offer the broad economies associated with shared resources but may affordably meet particular business requirements, UbiStor offers Infrastructure as a Service.)

Superior Data Protection, Business Continuity and Security

You’re dedicated to providing tremendous products or services, reinforced by exemplary customer service. But, today, you know there are expectations, requirements and regulatory-compliance issues that transcend your core drivers: You must never experience loss of data, and uninterrupted business is vital. Downtime cannot be tolerated. Security is of utmost importance. And, ultimately, you must be able to substantiate that you have specific controls and procedures in place to qualify for certain RFP submissions.

When you transition your complete computing environment, or perhaps a group of key servers, to a UbiStor SafeHost environment, your concern about data vulnerability, system outages, compliance, business qualifiers or security will be greatly reduced or eliminated. Your infrastructure will reside in an off-site, professionally staffed, Tier-3+ data centerhaving SSAE 16 (SOC-2) certification and supported by geographic redundancy and stringent physical security. Remote access, from minimal to maximum, to your environment can be configured exactly to your specifications. Moreover, the SafeHost solution works seamlessly with UbiStor’s flexible and powerful SafeStor® or SafeStor Enterprise® data-management solutions, which provide user-scheduled, browser-based, encrypted, block-level data backup and archive to tiered storage (your transactional history), plus rapid recovery/restoration of enterprise-wide data or granular files. This solution combination means you can achieve the most-demanding Recovery Point Objective (RPO) in your disaster-recovery (DR) planning.

The hardened, enterprise-level infrastructure and functionality of UbiStor’s data centers contribute significantly to SafeHost’s outstanding uptime track record. Yet, if your organization has limited or no tolerance for system/apps loss in the event of unplanned downtime, you will be pleased to know that UbiStor’s SafeHost DR® solution dovetails smoothly with SafeHost, enabling you to zero in on a no-risk Recovery Time Objective (RTO), thus assuring the ultimate in seamless operations continuity.

Success at the “Speed of Agility”

Take the time to scrutinize, analyze, consider and reconsider market developments — as you may have in former days — and you could be jeopardizing the welfare of your business. You have to be quickly reactive, even aggressively proactive, to keep all the stakeholders in your enterprise happy. Technology is the engine of your future. You must be able to quickly throttle up, change gears and introduce new components. Of all the good reasons to transition from your in-house data center to the advanced technology offered by UbiStor through its SafeHost solution, including clear-cut value, none is more compelling than “agility.”

Do you need to scale up server capacity to accommodate the sudden acquisition of a big new customer? Is it necessary to test an application in the background before introducing it to end-users? Do you need to get applications segregated on different servers so they aren’t fighting with one another? Are you concerned about maximizing the processing efficiency of each server? Have the points of an SLA been altered so that you must reconfigure a portion of your tiered storage? How about redistributing workloads? With SafeHost’s cloud/virtualized power and inherent flexibility, these kinds of issues, and more, can be quickly and very affordably resolved. No hardware to buy. No compatibility tribulations with legacy systems. No shutdowns to fix network problems. You simply provision resources as needed to make new service deployments, expand business or resolve environment kinks; and you do all this faster and cheaper than in the past. Because SafeHost is managed through a smart browser-based interface, you are always in full control, working with UbiStor personnel who share your vision of success. These same UbiStor’s experts will help you identify the “inflection points” in your business when a SafeHost transition makes good strategic and financial sense. UbiStor’s Inflection Point Guidance (IPG) is constantly attentive, looking for both salient and subtle changes in your business that present opportunity for modifying your technology model.

Clearly, the question regarding a SafeHost migration to a UbiStor data center is not “if,” but “when,” because it is highly likely that environment-wide computing performance through UbiStor’s SafeHost solution will far outpace the performance of your in-house legacy systems, while keeping IT costs moderate and manageable. Despite the obvious benefits of a sweeping overhaul, many companies opt for a gradual, piecemeal transition, keeping some systems on-premise while moving certain functions into the virtualized/cloud environment of SafeHost. For example, you might consider deploying your data-backup/recovery functionality and system redundancy within a SafeHost environment while considering a common-sense timeline for migration of other elements of your environment. Of course, you can rely on UbiStor to fashion a migration and management plan that perfectly aligns advanced technology with your varied requirements and business goals.

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