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SafeHost RDR[sup]®[/sup] – Replicated DR

SafeHost RDR® – Replicated DR

SafeHost DR Business Continuity at a Glance
Compelling Reasons for Consideration

  • Requirements-driven solution planning emphasizes business success over technology push.
  • Works smoothly in concert with SafeStor data backup and protection.
  • Shared resources, nominal monthly fee and “pay for activated backup environment when you need it” allow easy solution entry and help facilitate predictable OpEx.
  • Deployed on multi-tenant, secure, private-cloud/virtualized infrastructure hosted in an off-site, Tier-3+ data center having SSAE 16 (SOC-2) certification.
  • Multi-platform compatibility consolidates enterprise continuity scope.
  • Three optional levels of speed-of-systems recovery/access to match RTO and help control TCO.
  • Leverages powerful changed-based replication software for optional levels 2 and 3.
  • Enables end-users to work seamlessly with recovered systems/apps in the cloud while local machines are efficiently restored from online backed-up resources.
  • 24/7/365 hotline support services aid in restoration process.
  • Project-management professionals stay engaged throughout the solution lifecycle.


Project-management professionals stay engaged throughout the solution lifecycle.

SafeHost DR® — Customized Business Continuity

Full System Availability You Can Afford

  • Applications-Centric Technology That Mitigates Downtime
  • Backup Infrastructure Options to Match TCO with Budgetary Realities
  • Seamless Apps Recovery/Access in the Cloud
  • Efficient Local Systems Restoration from Online Resources
  • Superb Project Management and Service Support

If data is the lifeblood of your business, then applications are the heart. Unplanned downtime of applications means your transactional flow of data comes to an abrupt stop, jeopardizing your ability to fulfill agreements, comply with regulations and keep the interdependent activities of your enterprise humming. Human error, hardware/software failure, malicious intrusion or destructive weather — it doesn’t matter what shuts you down; all that matters is that you are out of business and bleeding money until application continuity is restored. Now you regretfully realize that lock-sure data backup and protection — critically important, of course — are only part of a worry-free disaster recovery solution if business survival hinges on a rapid Recovery Time Objective (RTO). If you want to mitigate downtime risk and want the flexibly to align evolving continuity needs with your DR planning and your budgets are not flush with cash, then UbiStor’s SafeHost DR is the answer.

Cloud-Customized, Options for Attractive TCO
UbiStor fashions every solution from a business perspective, using the many facets of technology as building blocks to eliminate business pain points and drive beneficial organizational change. UbiStor technologists are business persons, viewing technology as the “servant to the solution.” Therefore, the first dimension of SafeHost DR, a multi-platform solution, concentrates on building a business continuity plan with you that centers on specific data and systems/apps availability requirements, with an overarching concern on how, and how fast, those requirements may evolve as your business scales up and out. Top-level focus is given to the potential financial risk of downtime versus the dollars that can be utilized to incrementally reduce the risk. Because it is part of a holistic approach to computing-environment availability, SafeHost DR requires complementary deployment of UbiStor’s SafeStor® or SafeStor Enterprise® data backup (the tiered storage of your backup data history).

Because SafeHost DR is a pay-as-you-use, standby solution, protection is provided for a nominal monthly fee, with little or no upfront cost. During testing or upon a declaration, full hosting fees are activated in monthly increments. To moderate TCO further without sacrificing performance, each SafeHost DR solution is deployed on multi-tenant, secure, private-cloud/virtualized infrastructure hosted in an off-site, professionally staffed, Tier-3+ data center having SSAE 16 (SOC-2) certification. There are three levels within the SafeHost DR solution offering, each at a different “failover” (speed-of-systems recovery/access) level to dovetail with the RTO and budgets of varying enterprises. Full recovery/access embraces systems/apps, data and networks. In all instances, your IT personnel, working locally and in the cloud, retain the responsibility to keep servers up-to-date with appropriate patches and upgrades.

  • The most affordable option, Level I, is established through a full snapshot image of each server within your computing environment. In this instance, manual snapshot updates are required to keep front-end production and the mirrored virtualized servers in the cloud in sync. The degree of synchronicity is predicated on the frequency of image snapshots. This scenario usually requires a certain degree of time in recovering systems/apps, and data must be recovered through UbiStor’s SafeStor® data backup.
  • Level II employs powerful software that automatically replicates in near real time the data and apps changes from all front-end production to a “repository” virtualized server in the cloud. The changes are held in the repository server until a disaster is declared, upon which the repository server applies or cascades all changes to a ready-to-be-activated set of virtualized servers that mirror front-end production. No separate data recovery is involved. Total computing-system recovery is relatively fast.
  • Offering the most robust speed-of-systems recovery, Level III incorporates peer-to-peer, change-based, near-real-time replication of data and apps from each physical machine in front-end production directly to a mirrored virtualized backup in the cloud. No separate data recovery is involved. Total computing-system recovery is very fast.

Quick Response, Full Service You Can Trust
If you should experience any kind of unplanned downtime, SafeHost DR will enable end-users to work seamlessly “in the cloud” while IT staff very efficiently restore your full computing environment to local physical machines. IT staff can conveniently restore apps, data and networks through an Internet-accessible dedicated VLAN from any of the virtual-server “level options” previously described, with speed of restoration dependent upon the level of systems backup deployed. When a business outage occurs, simply call the SafeHost DR support services 24/7/365 hotline to promptly begin the recovery and restoration process. Shortly, your apps, data and networks will be online, accessible with any web browser to begin full restoration. UbiStor’s unparalleled service will decrease the time needed to restore your systems, get your business running again and greatly reduce your company’s exposure to financial risk.

Full service means all interdependencies of a solution are meticulously covered, extending to implementation and testing. Project management of your SafeHost DR solution will be handled by highly experienced professionals who stay one step ahead of customers’ needs and remain engaged throughout the solution lifecycle. True outages are not the time for testing, so UbiStor recommends quarterly tests to verify your computing environment is “downtime hardened, and that all processes and procedures are fully understood by your organization.

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