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Key Executives

Key Executives

  • Daniel A. Hill

    Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President Sales

    Hill is responsible for creating vision and value for our customers by providing affordable solutions that leverage emerging data, public and private cloud technologies.


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  • Steven P. Bieschke

    Founder, President and Chief Financial Officer

    Bieschke is responsible for validating business direction and managing an iron-clad financial foundation to ensure maximum financial flexibility to support solution offerings and the company. 

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  • David D. Brooks

    Founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

    As CTO, Brooks is responsible for developing the most technologically advanced and cost effective solutions for our customers to ensure effective data management and compliancy and for implementing IT strategy for the entire organization. 



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  • Keith R. Lukes

    Director of Channel Solutions

    As the Director of Channel Solutions, Keith is responsible for developing our entire Channel Program which includes developing the marketing material and Go-To-Market strategy with our Partners and designing solutions to meet their customers' business challenges.

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  • Elliot D. Kulick

    VP Professional Services

    As Vice President of Professional Services, Kulick is responsible for the post sales solution design, implementation and project management of our managed services in addition to all facets of consulting for our customer base and indirect channel.

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  • Brian Bieschke

    Director of Service Delivery and Solutions

    As Director of Service Delivery and Solutions, Bieschke is responsible for developing, leading and supporting a team of presale engineers who provide client-focused technical guidance and documentation during the discovery and sales process.

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