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Key Executives

Key Executives

  • Daniel A. Hill

    Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President Sales

    Mr. Hill spent the majority of his career with Comdisco, Inc.  In 2002, Hill left Comdisco after 16 years of service along with some of his partners and started UbiStor.

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  • Steven P. Bieschke

    Founder, President and Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Bieschke joined International Business Machines in 1979 as an Engineer in the financial district downtown Chicago, Ill.   In 1981 Bieschke was promoted to Systems Engineer. 


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  • Frank M. Shannon

    Executive Vice President Client Services and Marketing

    Mr. Shannon worked the majority of his career with Comdisco, Inc.  In 2003, Shannon left Comdisco after 22 years of service and joined UbiStor.  Shannon joined Comdisco in 1980 and served in varying operational, technical engineering, management and executive management positions. 


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  • David D. Brooks

    Founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

    Mr. Brooks joined Netus Internetworking, Inc. in 1997, where he worked in various sales and support roles for Netus consulting and Internet operations. 




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