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Hybrid Hosting

Hybrid Hosting

Hybrid Hosting at a Glance
Compelling Reasons for Consideration

  • Expands IT-management perspective to include elements of off-site hosting as part of a unified, holistic infrastructure approach.
  • Helps maximize ROI on local legacy infrastructure while leveraging cutting-edge virtualized/cloud technology that aligns with specific needs.
  • Establishes highly flexible/scalable pathway that enables “when-you’re-ready” migration of local- infrastructure elements to the cloud, as well as deployment of totally new elements in response to business dynamics.
  • Sets stage to act and react to business conditions without disrupting local infrastructure.
  • Provides options for gradually decoupling enterprise computing from local physical dependencies having inherent risk and service limitations.
  • Easy-to-handle, pay-as-you-grow/pay-for-what-you-need structure emphasizes common-sense OpEx model and improves IT TCO.
  • Taps into economies of secure, segmented, multi-tenant cloud resources for better cost control.
  • Emphasizes, but is not limited to, disaster recovery/business continuity as first foray into hybridized, harmonized infrastructure.
  • Hardened, redundant, tier 3+ hosting environment — coupled with robust data-backup/recovery and ready-state systems replication — provides the ultimate in physical security, data protection and disaster recovery/business continuity.
  • SSAE 16 (SOC-2) data-center certification greatly reduces complexity in resolving compliance, agreement and regulatory issues, depending upon the breadth of hybridized deployment.
  • Bolstered by UbiStor’s “Inflection Point Guidance,” which constantly monitors pulse of business for transformational shifts and recommends corresponding hybrid-infrastructure modifications to upgrade operations, increase revenue opportunity and decrease overall costs.


Ease into the Benefits of Advanced Technology with this Practical Approach

  • Helps Maximize ROI on Legacy Infrastructure While Leveraging New Technology
  • Expands Management Perspective of Technology Beyond Physical Dependencies
  • Provides Scale-Up/Scale-Out Flexibility to Respond Rapidly to Business Dynamics
  • Sets Stage for When-You’re-Ready Migration of Legacy Infrastructure into Cloud
  • Pay-as-You-Grow OpEx Model Eases TCO Without Capitalized Expense
  • Includes “Inflection Point Guidance” That Puts Business Muscle into Technology

Let’s face it —technology can be daunting. Its constant evolution presents new intricacies that require periodic examination of your computing environment, your operations efficiency and the relationships that shape the universe of your business. Talk to any C-level executive about the “goodness” of end-to-end infrastructure overhaul and you likely will witness some manifestation of panic.

Clearly, most businesses recognize at least some of the benefits of cutting-edge technology; yet they also are driven to maximize ROI from on-site legacy infrastructure, particularly old-iron systems running multi-patched applications. In large measure, these systems may be serving the enterprise very well and have few latency issues. It may make no sense to just jettison them. Consequently, you might be struggling with a multi-part question: What are the most concrete benefits of today’s technology, do those benefits really trump the continuing value that can be extracted from previous capitalization, and is there some way you can begin to leverage the benefits of advanced technology without dismissing acceptable legacy performance and legacy ROI? 

The answer to this multi-part question is embedded in UbiStor’s Hybrid Hosting approach, a wonderfully practical, customized-for-you solution that meets you where you are and gives you the flexibility to go where you want.

A Common-Sense Combination Pathway

Importantly, UbiStor’s Hybrid Hosting promotes the concept of a unified, smoothly operating computing environment, regardless of where and how specific elements of your infrastructure are hosted. It acknowledges the value of certain components of your on-site computing environment but helps you think beyond today towards the needs of tomorrow, providing a gradual pathway to the efficiency, scalability and nearly limitless flexibility of virtualized/cloud computing. Hybrid Hosting embraces some of UbiStor’s most-proven and powerful solutions:


·      SafeHost® solution —a highly cost-effective, shared-resources, remote data-center hosting service leveraging industry-leading expertise in virtualized/cloud technology.

·      SafeStor® and SafeStor Enterprise® solutions —providing robust data management, with user-scheduled, browser-based, encrypted, block-level data backup and archive to tiered storage, plus rapid recovery/restoration of enterprise-wide data or granular files, thus helping to achieve Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

·      SafeHost DR® solution —offers optional-performance-level, local-systems replication in the cloud that promotes rapid online access to applications and machine-state data, plus efficient local-systems restoration, in the event of unplanned downtime, thus helping to achieve Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and assure business continuity (BC).


In a business world increasingly pressured by compliance, regulations and agreements, lock-sure data protection and no-downtime continuity are probably “must-have” components of your overall business plan. Accordingly, it should come as no surprise that many companies set the stage for a broad range of technology empowerment in the future by initiating a hybrid relationship that mandates data backup and system replication to UbiStor’s off-site virtualized/cloud infrastructure while leaving reliable legacy systems and other elements of their local infrastructure in place. This kind of DR/BC strategy could be deployed enterprise-wide, including a number of disparate systems. Or you may choose to focus on the most mission-critical applications and the respective servers hosting them.

A hybrid relationship, of course, is not limited to DR/BC strategy. You may choose to experiment with off-site hosting of large amounts of historical data governed by retention rules; enterprise email services; or, perhaps, a highly proprietary, limited-access application. The important point is this: Getting on board with even a limited hybrid relationship sets the stage for quick implementation of UbiStor’s business-transforming options on the horizon. You will have “hybridized” your operations to respond to a variety of business challenges and opportunities —on the run.

Manageable TCO, Security without Anxiety

One of the neatest things about UbiStor’s Hybrid Hosting is how it doesn’t throw a monkey wrench into your financial modeling. Do you want to flex special-needs technology muscle that will blend seamlessly with reliable local systems? Go ahead. Is it necessary to respond immediately to a competitor who’s trying to outmaneuver you with a differentiating service? No problem. UbiStor’s Hybrid Hosting gives you amazing flexibility to act and react to business conditions without disrupting local infrastructure and without completely blowing up budgets.You “pay-as-you-grow” and “pay for what you need” with an OpEx model that reflects the requirements and growth curve of your company. This is called no-anxiety TCO. UbiStor works hard to keep your financial outlook and your smoothly integrated hybrid environment in harmony.

Regardless of how limited or extensive your hybrid foray may be, you can be sure UbiStor delivers exceptional security through a hardened, redundant (multi-regional/four data centers), tier 3+ hosting environment having state-of-art physical security features. If part of your hybrid deployment centers on DR/BC, you will have no downtime-crippling concerns because UbiStor’s experience and best-of-breed virtualized/cloud technology undergird your mission-critical performance, as well as mitigate financial risk and exposure of proprietary information, depending upon the degree of optional performance you choose. Moreover, UbiStor’s hosting environment is SSAE-16 (SOC-2) certified, significantly aiding you in issues relative to compliance, agreements and regulations, particularly as your hybrid environment scales out and up.

A Shoulder-to-Shoulder Partner

Even with a terrific employee team and a sound strategy, business is subject to the vagaries and flip-switch developments of transmutable markets. Establishing your hybridized pathway, even at a rudimentary level with the offloading of one aspect of your legacy infrastructure, will give you the power to quickly and affordably counterpunch when unforeseen developments drive you into a corner. You need this kind of flexibility to survive in the Digital Age of business. But you need more. And UbiStor gives you more.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you, UbiStor is highly experienced in the discipline of Inflection Point Guidance (IPG). In this practice, UbiStor personnel form uniquely strong channels of communication to better understand and monitor your operations, culture and the industries in which you operate. Moreover, all elements of your legacy infrastructure (hardware, devices, network, even software) and architecture (logical mapping of infrastructure) are carefully evaluated in consideration of potential or actual developments in your marketplace or business in general. These developments —anticipated or unexpected — are referred to as “inflection points.” An inflection point may be the sudden launch of a competitive product or service, a big account win, operations expansion, M&A activity or perhaps the loss of a valuable sales-rep organization. Anticipating or encountering an inflection point galvanizes UbiStor’s account managers and project managers to examine the efficiencies, economies and business enrichment that may be achieved by hybridizing your computing environment, with local legacy infrastructure smoothly operating in concert with migrated or freshly deployed infrastructure elements in UbiStor’s data center. IPG is ongoing, partner-focused and open-minded. It is the keystone to UbiStor’s “opportunity vision.”

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