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Email Services

Email Services

UbiStor’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange Service (HMES) is a leading email hosting solution dedicated to providing an enterprise class email messaging service to companies of all sizes but with a focus on the SMB market.  Increasingly, companies are needing feature-intensive, efficient, scalable, and secure access to email regardless of location or type of user device but are prohibited by the large initial capital outlay, extensive maintenance, technological complexity, and wireless mobility requirements of having an in-house, enterprise-class solution.  UbiStor’s HMES solution will allow you to have all the benefits and features of an in-house enterprise system without the associated risks and costs letting you focus on your core business operations instead of your email infrastructure.

HMES has an industry leading and robust infrastructure.  It employs the finest hardware and software applications available and leverages experience, expertise, strategic partnerships, best practices, and technologies to enhance the design, performance, and security of its hosted messaging services.  The infrastructure doesn’t have a single point of failure and is completely redundant.  It can withstand failure at multiple points without affecting services and is constructed modularly making it completely scalable as its customer base expands.

The messaging service is accessible from many different locations and you can have the same user experience anywhere.  Client communication is achieved through various protocols and channels allowing HMES users secure access to email wherever an internet connection exists.

The HMES solution is highly scalable as well.  The solution’s distributed architecture incorporates individually scalable components to allow expansion and hardware additions tailored to the solutions growth pattern.  

The solution supports the most popular wireless services allowing you to enhance the productivity of your mobile workforce.  Blackberry Enterprise Server, Good Mobile Messaging, and Microsoft ActiveSync are all supported and a POP/IMAP service is available as well.

The UbiStor HMES solution follows the best security practices in the IT industry today.  Microsoft security-related recommendations and updates are received and implemented immediately by our expert administrators.  Access lists and layers of firewalls using various encryption algorithms report all incoming and outgoing traffic on the front-end network and exchange servers are all load balanced and completely fault tolerant.  Customer data is completely isolated and secure and network-based Intrusion Detection Systems identifies attackers by alerting and logging anomalous traffic and signature-based attacks.  The robust Gateway architecture scans, filters, and routes all SMTP traffic according to customer requirements.  You can optionally configure the services to give you control of your users, storage, and service selection to implement some or all of the GS applications such as the anti-SPAM, anti-virus, and content filtering features.  

The state-of-the-art data centers are secure locations for messaging systems protecting both the integrity and availability of customers’ data.  They are staffed by a team of security experts performing 24 x 7 x 365 in data centers that are protected by several layers of security and intrusion detection systems.  The data centers all have backup power supplies and redundant environmentals in the event of any failures.

In addition to having a redundant architecture, UbiStor has the appropriate processes and controls in place to ensure the integrity of the system.  It has a consistent set of procedures in place to ensure the successful functioning of operations, including testing, problem management, incident management, vulnerability management, response teams, business continuity plans, and retention and training programs.  The company also focuses on the continuous improvement of its products and processes to make the HMES solution a robust and unsurpassed service for its customers.

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Email Services

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