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Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Today’s marketplace for IT solutions and services can be extremely challenging especially when it comes to understanding what you are truly getting for your dollar. Deciding   whether to employ internal or external resources, the responsibility lines, factoring in all the hidden costs, and managing growth are all critical factors to consider when determining absolute value.

UbiStor approaches the market with a long term perspective to ensure our clients   make the very most of where technology is heading at the lowest possible cost.  Determining where to best spend your technology investment is an important decision for every company. It can ensure your systems support your business operations properly and improve company   performance with reduced costs and easier scalability; with UbiStor’s solutions and support you get it all right the first time.

Our proven and leading enterprise solutions are designed to benefit the small and medium-sized business market as well. We provide a complete technology roadmap that includes complimentary point solutions managed services in accordance with the specific financial model you desire. We have a very proven and structured method that allows for immediate problem area resolution coupled with effective long term strategy. 

Many providers create a false sense of security. While we may offer cost effective solutions, we never sacrifice any key component that would jeopardize their reliability. 

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Backup, Recovery, Storage and Archiving Solutions

The most critical need for data backup is ensuring you can recover your data and in accordance with your recovery time objectives (RTOs). We employ industry leading solutions that increase data recovery success while reducing resource requirements. By automating processes, having proper storage management in place, and customizing data storage solutions, we ensure your business achieves its goals and reduces its risk for significantly less cost.

Virtual Recovery and Hosting Solutions

All system applications are not the same and we understand. Our ability to provide data backup, virtual recovery, or replicated solutions per system application ensures customized protection which will save you money. Our technology road map allows for a systematic protection strategy or a simple transition to the cloud. No matter where you are with your current local technology investments, UbiStor factors in all existing investment to ensure maximum value for past investment and proper alignment of technology investment going forward. You no longer pay for additional server  overhead until you actually need  it, and   beyond meeting your basic applications requirements, our solutions  improve your business continuity by providing   redundant comprehensive solution backup support     through our industry leading state-of-the-art tier 3+ data centers giving you the maximum probable return on your technology investment.