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The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce prides itself in being the largest business to business connecting and relationship building organization in the region.  We have been serving the needs of growing businesses since 1904 and our network continues to grow as we look to make Chicagoland the most business friendly region in the country.

The Chamber’s Partner Plus Program is reserved for our most vetted members who understand the culture of our organization and are members we feel 100% comfortable referring, recommending, and connecting to any of our 1,500 plus corporate members and partners.  Having been a great member for several years now, the Chamber is very excited and proud to announce our newest Partner Plus, Ubistor.  We fully believe that the value and service that UbiStor brings to its clients is hard to match, and are looking forward to helping our members grow and protect their business through this partnership.

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce works hard to provide you with the programs, services, and information you need to successfully grow your business and improve your bottom line. Nowhere is this more evident than with the exclusive member savings available through Chamber-sponsored products and services.

Being one of the largest Chambers in the nation, the Chamber has the clout and purchasing power normally only available to large corporations, and uses this position to provide members with substantial savings.

To find out more, please visit www.chicagolandchamber.org


The Schaumburg Business Association is dedicated to our members' growth and prosperity. We advance business causes and are committed to helping our members maintain a competitive edge by providing them with outstanding programs, benefits and services.

The Association was formed in 2001 to represent the needs of Schaumburg businesses. The Association embodies the spirit of our business community and building great partnerships like we have with Ubistor, Inc. We have a dynamic blend of corporate, commercial, retail, service and industrial businesses located in the largest suburban economic center in the State of Illinois.

Business leaders take pride in their Schaumburg location. They have experienced consistent growth due in large part to the community’s support for excellence in schools, colleges and universities that produce an educated workforce capable of meeting the diverse staffing needs of virtually any business. The Schaumburg business community also enjoys an outstanding park district, library and general aviation airport as well as a well-maintained network of highways and expressways that proved convenient access.